Realtime Latency Test Results

This past week we have seen great improvement in the overall Realtime latency thanks to members of the xx network community and the Elixxir team. Every member of the xx network played a role to achieve what was accomplished.

We should all give a shout to the Elixxir developers that added more to an already full plate. To Alex Dupre for finding ways to reduce latency and an abundance of gratitude to all the node operators whose nodes were disabled. This truly is a demonstration of getting results due to a community effort!

The Results
In over a short period of time we were able to not just improve Realtime Latency but also prove the reduction of Realtime latency. The numbers speak for themselves!

Date Avg. Realtime Latency
Sept. 23 1.930253496
Sept. 24 1.389765543
Sept. 25 1.008423603

So what’s next?
The weekend of Sept. 26th we are disabling 4 more nodes, for a total of 5 nodes while we re-calibrate for a test that was postponed. The postponed test will begin again on Tuesday Sept. 29. Below you can find the list of disabled nodes and the current failure rates.

Node ID Failure Rate
yE9WSjaE7y4iQFxnT4u4b3MlOKamvv244TM1VCYypAoC N/A
e+Ubfff1eBfHVy4NxaU2vQQ2D6dnndomdrYF7ywOZIoC 4.45%
vdhSfJ7490fQqZZUgOvAWryq1DnVlJrlrTY9IkBBJrAC 4.56%
LFvkPCH44iAM3DoaILu4tPm6F/xFI4biUy32sID0FOsC 5.45%
yBn+tsn1MD3TLM8nAm1Zkiv6GtfY+In8WDUdMD2VtgIC 5.76%

It’s time we start drilling down deeper into the cause of these slightly higher than average rates.

Again, thanks to everyone for their participation and I’ll be updating information about next week’s test in the original forum post.


  1. Q: If my Node appears on the disabled Nodes list, do I need to do anything?
    A: If your Node appears on the list above, you are not required to take any action at this time. However, we may reach out to you with solutions or configuration changes to help resolve any issues found.
  2. Q: How will my compensation be affected if my Node is disabled.
    A: Disabled Nodes’ status will appear in the ERROR state on the dashboard but are considered ONLINE for the purpose of compensation. You will see no change in your compensation as long as the node remains ERROR since your Node is fully functioning.
  3. Q: How long will my Node be disabled for?
    A: Our testing will take about a week and during this time, your Node will be disabled and enabled as part of the testing procedure. Once we have supplied fixes for the high failure rates and your Node is performing better in tests, it will be re-enabled.
  4. Q: What happens if my failure rate cannot be brought down?
    A: Nodes who are unable to make corrective actions and are unable to bring up their performance may be cut from the network.
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