Permissioning is, and isn't, unavailable

I’m running Node & Gateway on the same box behind a router. 11420/TCP and 22480/TCP are open to the world.

Node reports that permisssioning is, and isn’t, available:

INFO 2020/07/19 11:47:05 Host UG............ not connected, attempting to connect...
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:05 Attempting to establish connection to using credentials: ................
INFO 2020/07/19 11:47:05 Connecting to Attempt number 0 of 2147483647
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:05 Timing out in: 2s
INFO 2020/07/19 11:47:06 Successfully connected to
INFO 2020/07/19 11:47:06 Attempting to establish authentication with host ..............
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:07 Got CPU usage: 0.239022
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:08 Got CPU usage: 0.239022
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:10 Got CPU usage: 0.233476
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:12 Got CPU usage: 0.244580
DEBUG 2020/07/19 11:47:13 Got CPU usage: 0.339077
INFO 2020/07/19 11:47:14 Shutting down node server listener: xxx
ERROR 2020/07/19 11:47:15 Cannot start, permissioning is unavailable, retrying in 10s...
  1. Why does this happen and what to do about it?

Edit: I saw the node appear in the dashboard and it successfully participated in several rounds, so I suppose it’s working fine (with some errors).

  1. Beta Handbook says both external ports (11420 and 22480) should be forwarded to Node and Gateway service, respectively. Is that correct? I kind of expected only gateway would be exposed to the world.