Orange X Final Selection!

The final selection of the Orange Group X BetaNet node operators can be found here.

You can read more details about how the initial decision was made here, which carries over to the final decision.

The final Orange Group X selection consists of 36 nodes in 15 countries around the world, distributed in 7 geographic bins: Americas, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and Asia.

Applications remained open for a second period of public comment. We reached out to a number of applicants to ask for further clarification. We also encouraged nodes to continue to actively participate in the forum and answer any questions posed by the node community.

Taking into consideration the further detail they provided we made the decision to add 6 more nodes to the list, bringing the final number up from 30 to 36 nodes. We have not included nodes that we did not receive a response from in the final decision.

We want to thank everyone who commented and helped us with this process!

Thank you,

xx node team


Congratulations to all the new members joining the node family. :+1:

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welcome all to the xx network family!

Congratulations to everyone

Thank you! @Arte @vipul @Keith @worthy @Doctorwhoo2 at xx node team at xx network community!

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Congratulations to all!