Orange IV Node Application 12106385630

Respondent ID 12106385630
End Date 10/24/2020 3:55:04 PM
language en
If you have previously applied to be a node please provide us with your application ID.
City/Town Katowice
State/Province śląskie
Country Poland
What languages do you speak? English, Polish
What is your occupation? Software Development
Non-technical Role or Other (please specify)
How many years experience in your field? 4-7
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? Master’s degree (for example: MA, MS, MEng, MEd, MSW, MBA)
Did you purchase xx coins in the xx coin sale? No
Are you an individual or a group? Individual
Node City Katowice
Node State/Province śląskie
Node Country Poland
For which networks have you ever operated a node?
    What kind of improvements would you like to see in xx network nodes vs. previous nodes you have supported? N/A
    What are potential setbacks preventing you from operating an xx network node? There is none.
    What is the maximum upload bandwidth in megabits per second your node can provide? 100
    What is the maximum download bandwidth in megabits per second your node can provide? 1000
    What is a reasonable uptime estimate you can provide for your BetaNet node? 98
    Please estimate the cost of electricity in the geographic area where your BetaNet node will be running. 0.14 euro/kWh
    On a monthly basis, how much time can you publicly commit to dedicating toward governance if you were selected as a BetaNet node operator?` 100
    In what type of environment would this server be located? Personal Home
    If your server is located in your personal home, please specify the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). UPC
    If your server is located in a Datacenter, please specify the name of the company hosting it.
    Do you have past experience deploying hardware servers in a datacenter? I have non-commercial experience, during engineering studies I completed multiple networking courses.
    Do you already own sufficient hardware to meet the published xx network BetaNet Node specifications? Intel Core i9-10900K, RTX 3080, Adata XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 1TB SSD
    Do you have hardware you would like to use but does not meet the stated BetaNet node specs? If so, please provide specs on that hardware below:
    Why do you want to be a node? I would like to become a part of this project to gain my knowledge about distributed systems and blockchain technologies. Also I would like to gain software development skills in this area. I believe my experience might be useful in network development.
    How did you originally hear about the xx network? Word of Mouth
    Which current xx network communities are you a member of?
    • Facebook
    Are you an active member of those communities? Yes
    What specifically, interests you about the xx network platform? I am interested about innovative xx network consensus algorithm and its implementation, which bring great energy savings. I would like to learn more about technical part of this project.
    Outside of xx network communities, are you an active participant in other node or developer community groups? If so, which ones? Not yet, xx network community is my first one.
    Have you ever attended a blockchain conference? If so, which one(s)? I have not opportunity to attend blockchain conference yet, but I will, when I gain knowledge about it.
    Do you have past experience managing communities or creating content to be distributed across social media? Please enter details for all with which you are comfortable or have experience:
    • Other: Facebook – I used to run small fanpage.
    As part of growing the xx network community, are you willing to create content as part of operating an xx network BetaNet node? How much content on a monthly basis? Review/post twice a month
    Would you be interested in helping to lead the development of the next xx network community? Yes
    Why do you want to run a node in the xx network
    • To protect the privacy of political speech
    • To earn xx coins
    • To help build David Chaum's vision of a decentralized world
    • To contribute to a promising project
    • To undo the centralization of the internet by big tech companies
    • To reverse the political centralization of legal, police, and military organizations which favor the wealthy and powerful
    • Other (please specify): As I mentioned earlier, I would like to gain distributed systems development skills and this project is great opportunity to achieve my aim. I would like to run node to see how this software works in practice. In future, I would like to use the acquired knowledge to help improve xx network software. Running part of this system will be really helpful to do it.
    What is the difference between decentralized networks and distributed networks, and where on the decentralization spectrum do you sit? Decentralized networks brings higher level of decentralization to distributed networks, it means that no person, organization or country owns big part of network. Moreover decentralized networks doesn’t have a single control center.
    As best as you can given currently available information, please describe the value proposition of the xx network platform and how it differs from other current blockchain solutions. The obvious value of xx network is its privacy, decentralization and quantum resistance but the real value comes from smart and skilled community leaded by David Chaum who is probably the most experienced person in the industry.
    Privacy by Default is a goal of the xx network Platform. In your opinion, why is Privacy by Default critical for the future of the internet? Nowadays everyone who use pc, smartphone or another device with access to the Internet is being tracked by multiple corporations. For now, we receive personalized adverts, but in future, it might lead to restricting freedom of speech and governments control over citizens. Great example of this issue is situation in China, where whole Internet traffic is controlled by government.
    In your opinion, what threat, if any, do quantum computers pose toward decentralized systems? What about centralized systems? Quantum computers is a breakthrough that will affect whole Internet when they become enough powerful. Quantum computers can solve certain problems exponentially faster than normal ones. Especially it put in the risk everything which takes advantage of RSA encryption (quantum algorithms allow to find private key in relatively short time).
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    Good application. Originals answers. But your gpu is not supported (yet). If you can have the older gpu ,you have my vote

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    Very good application. Experienced developer with a broad knowledge is always an added value to our family. I believe CPU change won’t be a problem so you have my vote!

    Hi Robbie! Of course I can downgrade GPU :slight_smile: Thank you for your vote.

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    Thank you Szopen :slight_smile:

    Based on both you app and your response you have my vote.

    Thank you Bulldog!

    Agree with above…a yes for me.

    Many thanks!