Not possible to send a request to sb which sent you already one

Platform: ( Android)
OS Version: 12.0
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G / 3G / VPN)
Issue type: (Bug)
App version: (2.4)
Build number: (570)
SDK version: (4.1.0)

Describe the Crash:

I got a request which was not able to be “verified” (it needed multiple tries, and a version update?!) . In this time I tried to find him and send a request to him by my side too. This always ended in an “Error. failed”, and “not able to send request”. Some other guys tried to recreate that bug (try to send a request to a person from which they got already one request) and got the same error messages.

  1. do it possible to send a request to a person which already sent you a request ( it’s kind of important if with the other request something went wrong)
  2. if it is not possible, please catch the error and send sth like: “this person sent you already a request”

Hi Hehet,

Thanks for submitting your feedback. Very much appreciated! Sending it to xxm team!

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