Non Technical Node operators

I have been sitting on the fence waiting for the moment where I feel that I would be able to run the node myself.

I joined this forum in August’20 and have been following developments while being on Discord. Twitter and Telegram to understand the commercial side of the project. I have been gathering information, talking to a few of the node operators and I had mixed response from current node operators. Some have motivated me to put in my application considering my enthusiasm for privacy and technology and while some have raised eyebrows with the mere idea of a non-technical person trying to setup and run a node.

I have discussions with a cousin (full stack) and he has agreed to assist me in setting up the node. He offered me this 6 months ago but I didn’t want to setup something I was not sure how to control or operate. I have been part of an alpha tester group for an upcoming Blockchain (name witheld) which employs AI for healthcare to start with. Working on it for the last 3 years has been a great learning experience. Not only did I learn a lot of things, I have been effectively able to contribute on some aspects which other missed being technical. I bring on the table things which are small but have great value to the overall project.

I intend to purchase the equipment once my application is approved as I have no use of such hardware otherwise.

Hoping to get support from the positive and future building community of Xx. Please do share your valuable experiences if you are non-techie and sailing through.

Lets build it together.

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Dont Worry vipul, you are not the only one.

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