Node Online status suddenly dropped

My node has been online 100% until this evening. Here is a screenshot from earlier this evening:

Now suddenly it has dropped to 43.96%!

I’ve setup monitoring myself (as explained here) and it shows 100% uptime. It uses the same dashboard page which is proof it has never shown offline on the status page for my node.

What happened?


The percentage shown on the dashboard is calculated from Sept. 1. Is the monitoring you set up calculated from the 1st or the 6th? I ask about the 6th because that is the day you posted the How-To.

The node went online on September 5th and that’s when the monitor was started also. It started off showing 100% online for a few days and suddenly jumped down to 43% yesterday evening which seemed weird.

Didn’t know it calculated from September 1st. That would explain it then.

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Nice solution! I hope you’ll a post the link in Discord.

It dropped again today to 85% online which is not true. Any changes lately?

There was an error which will be checked again as we’re not certain if it is reoccurring. At the moment your dashboard appears to be reporting uptime correctly.

But we are aware of the issue.

Ok thanks! Look good again. :+1:

dashboard is sleeping again?

Yes, you should expect it to be on/off line for the next 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.