Node Application 10613574563, submitted 2019-03-23 4:59:10

Respondent Id 10613574563
Application Date 2019-03-23 4:59:10
Application Language English
Applicant City Fourways
Applicant State/Province Gauteng
Applicant Country South Africa
What languages do you speak? English, Afrikaans
What is your occupation? Software Development
How many years experience in your field? 1-3
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? Bachelor’s degree (for example: BA. BS)
Please describe your experience in the Crypto/Blockchain space, if any? I first started mining ethereum in 2016 and since then have been researching the crypto space. From there I did my university research paper on the Current Limitations and Future possibilities of Blockchain technology. And then after this I developed a basic voting platform on the ethereum Test Net Ropsten which was successful for my office fun day.
Are you an individual or a group? Individual
Node City Pretoria
Node State Gauteng
Node Country South Africa
For which networks Have you ever operated a node? Bitcoin (BTC, BCH, etc), Ethereum (ETH, ETC, etc), Minexcoin
What kind of improvements would you like to see in Elixxir nodes vs. previous the previous nodes you have supported? Better speed and confirmation times of transactions on within the network, allowing high volumes and better privicy with these transactions
What are potential setbacks preventing you from operating an Elixxir node? Currently our country suffers from loadshedding but this is overcome through an inverter that will keep the node online even when the power goes out
What is a reasonable maximum connection speed on which you could operate a BetaNet node in your geographic region? (Where 0 = 10 Megabits/second, and 100 = 10 Gigabits/second) 10
What is a reasonable uptime estimate you can provide for your BetaNet node? (As a percentage) 95
Please estimate the cost of electricity in the geographic area where your BetaNet node will be running. . R500 which is around 35 USD per month
On a monthly basis, how much time can you publicly commit to dedicating toward governance if you were selected as a BetaNet node operator? (Where 0 = 1 hour/month, and 100 = 20 hours/month) 100
If you were selected to run a BetaNet node, would it run on your own hardware or be deployed to cloud-based servers? Cloud-Based Servers
In what type of environment would this server be located?
Do you have past experience deploying hardware servers in a datacenter?
Do you already own sufficient hardware to meet the published Elixxir BetaNet node specifications?
Yes (Please list specs)
Do you have hardware you would like to use but does not meet the stated BetaNet node specs? If so, please provide specs on that hardware below:
Do you have past experience deploying servers to cloud-based services? Yes (please specify)
Yes (please specify) I have deployed various masternodes to cloud based servers, while i worked for a bank i deployed to cloud based servers and have been using the google cloud platform for development and deploymeny recently
Why do you want to be a node? It is an exciting opportunity that will teach me a lot about the crypto space and being a believer in the project I am excited to be apart of it
How did you originally hear about Elixxir? Influencer Vlog
Which current Elixxir communities are you a member of? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
Are you an active member of those communities? No
What specifically, interests you about the Elixxir platform? David Chaum as I have been a long time fan as well as community around Elixxir. I am very interested in the speed of performance with privacy aspect of Elixxir.
Outside of Elixxir communities, are you an active participant in other node or developer community groups? If so, which ones? I am not an active member in many due to my learning nature as I am still learning a lot about blockchain everyday but i am in the groups of minexcoin
Have you ever attended a blockchain conference? If so, which one(s)? No not as of yet i was meant to attend the one in south africa last august but was not allowed off work to go to it
As part of growing the Elixxir community, are you willing to create content as part of operating an Elixxir BetaNet node? Examples would be node setup & on-boarding review vlog post, bi-weekly twitter update, medium review of on-going node operational process, etc. Yes (how much content on a monthly basis?)
If yes, how much content on a monthly basis? 4 hours
What is the difference between decentralized networks and distributed networks, and where on the decentralization spectrum do you sit?
As best as you can given currently available information, please describe the value proposition of the Elixxir platform and how it differs from other current blockchain solutions.
Privacy by Default is a goal of the Elixxir Platform. In your opinion, why is Privacy by Default critical for the future of the internet?
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