Node Application 10605261185, submitted 2019-03-20 3:16:46

Respondent Id 10605261185
Application Date 2019-03-20 3:16:46
Application Language English
Applicant City Paris
Applicant State/Province
Applicant Country France
What languages do you speak? French and English
What is your occupation? IT
How many years experience in your field? 16+
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? Graduated Secondary or High School, or equivalent
Please describe your experience in the Crypto/Blockchain space, if any? Co-founder of [a] blockchain startup accelerator. Technical lead of major innovations (implementation, not research) in telecommunications and digital for 20 years. Creator of Blockchain communities, supporting the development in Africa through the economic and social power of networks digital tools since age 15. Frequent speaker : Blockchain for industries, cybersecurity, communities.
Are you an individual or a group? Group
Node City Paris
Node State
Node Country France
For which networks Have you ever operated a node? Bitcoin (BTC, BCH, etc), Tezos, Cosmos/Tendermint, Wanchain, Some personals devs
What kind of improvements would you like to see in Elixxir nodes vs. previous the previous nodes you have supported? Perfect for the real world (people) expectations: Privacy : Unprecedented transaction metadata unlinkability Scalaiblity: Consumer scale transaction volumes (>100,000 TPS)
What are potential setbacks preventing you from operating an Elixxir node? I do not trust ISPs. I still do not have metrics on performance Connection speed (but if it's works well, i can engage telecom and/or satellite partners)
What is a reasonable maximum connection speed on which you could operate a BetaNet node in your geographic region? (Where 0 = 10 Megabits/second, and 100 = 10 Gigabits/second) 1
What is a reasonable uptime estimate you can provide for your BetaNet node? (As a percentage) 80
Please estimate the cost of electricity in the geographic area where your BetaNet node will be running. . I don't pay electricity here (for now)
On a monthly basis, how much time can you publicly commit to dedicating toward governance if you were selected as a BetaNet node operator? (Where 0 = 1 hour/month, and 100 = 20 hours/month) 4
If you were selected to run a BetaNet node, would it run on your own hardware or be deployed to cloud-based servers? Hardware
In what type of environment would this server be located? Station F is the biggest startup campus in the world
Do you have past experience deploying hardware servers in a datacenter? Yes (please describe)
Do you already own sufficient hardware to meet the published Elixxir BetaNet node specifications? No
Yes (Please list specs)
Do you have hardware you would like to use but does not meet the stated BetaNet node specs? If so, please provide specs on that hardware below: no. But work about a space project for some delegated roles in the space part of a global mesh without operator. So on the satellite side, it's specific.
Do you have past experience deploying servers to cloud-based services? Yes (please specify)
Yes (please specify) 14 years of independent IT/IS architecture consulting: L'Oréal, AXA, Ratp, SNCF, Géodis, RFF, Bouygues Telecom, SFR, CNES, FNAIM, EDF or Lagardère, Valeo, CNH, Iveco, SEAT, VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES. Innovation & infrastructures : * 2007-2010 RATP: 1st RER with Wifi train / train embedded transmissions, first equipment and digital video protection embedded networks * 2006-2007 CNES: 1st ISP Satellite FR * 2005-2006 Orange: 1st mobile convergence platform FR * 2004-2005 Tobeable: 1st directory and search engine FR + one of the first NoSQL & big data solutions * 1995-2001 Allocameroun: 1st web community dedicated to expatriates (a "big" place at this moment)
Why do you want to be a node? Experience, & contribute to a David Chaum project. :D Sorry i am fan lol
How did you originally hear about Elixxir? Following David Chaum
Which current Elixxir communities are you a member of? Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter
Are you an active member of those communities? Yes
What specifically, interests you about the Elixxir platform? Privacy Main stream
Outside of Elixxir communities, are you an active participant in other node or developer community groups? If so, which ones? Bitcoin fan, Tezos, Cosmos/Tendermint, Wanchain, Cubesat and some small project
Have you ever attended a blockchain conference? If so, which one(s)? I most important : Paris Blockchain Week We are co-organizator :D
As part of growing the Elixxir community, are you willing to create content as part of operating an Elixxir BetaNet node? Examples would be node setup & on-boarding review vlog post, bi-weekly twitter update, medium review of on-going node operational process, etc. Yes (how much content on a monthly basis?)
If yes, how much content on a monthly basis? Let's talk about
What is the difference between decentralized networks and distributed networks, and where on the decentralization spectrum do you sit? Pas d'avantage particulier pour des membres de la communauté. In the African village of my childhood, near the tontine and their millennias of decentralization
As best as you can given currently available information, please describe the value proposition of the Elixxir platform and how it differs from other current blockchain solutions. Simple "rules" for consumer, lightess gouvernance. Operational privacy implementation.
Privacy by Default is a goal of the Elixxir Platform. In your opinion, why is Privacy by Default critical for the future of the internet? The most important.
Tags Group, France, English
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This applicant has helped organize blockchain conferences… should we give extra weight to applicants who can use their influence to promote Elixxir?


This is Elixxir’s choice, but I feel that any proven hard worker should be given a chance. A quarterly, activity based review/rewards process should be in place where the builders keep building and the idlers get weeded out. In my opinion the focus should be on the Best minds , and not necessarily on the Most economically resourceful applicants. Although this may require the Elixxir token to be issued in order to sustain the operations.

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Forgot to say, Yes I like this application. He has my vote!


You got my vote

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should we give extra weight to applicants who can use their influence to promote Elixxir?
=> I hope :slight_smile:

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I would prefer to see some Development resources listed in this application.
I am not too sure about early adopted Elixxir nodes running smoothly without developer intervention.

We are developers and trainers for blockchain developers (Bitcoin, Tezos, Tendermint) : +50 developers trained in the last 2 months (FR, IL)
I code since 95’.