New Request not received

Platform: (iOS)
OS Version: 15.3
Network type: (WiFi)
Issue type: (Bug)
App version: (1.0.3)
Build number: (3284)
SDK version: (4.0.0)

Describe the Crash or Bug:
Sent contact request back in version 1, they never received, same receiver tried to find my ID, never was able too,
Since update, with Re-send now available even using re-send not resolving the issue, was successful sending request to same user from another device.

Any update

Thanks for this report. As you noted we did add the resend option. We also added a delete request on the backend, but I do not yet know when that will make it into the UI. I know there’s an issue with users who initially denied not being given the opportunity to accept/deny again on a resend but I believe that was fixed. Please try the build being released next week and let me know if it starts working for you.