Network Update 7/8/2020

Hi All,

We have a minor update going out to the network


  • Added controls for logging
  • reduced logging bandwidth requirements
  • added 10 second delay to restarting nodes

version: 1.3.2

  • fixed issues with connections leak
  • updated to the new ringbuffer to fix locking issues
  • fixed issues where connections were not being closed

version: 1.3.2

  • fixed issues with connections leak
  • updated to the new ring buffer to fix locking issues

These updates have been pushed to all nodes who accept automatic updates. For those doing manual updates they are not required but are recommended for the stability improvements.


A quick update, this push had some permissions issue on the wrapper script and as a results both my node and gateway stoped running.

I had to manually add permissions to the wrapper script, after which the above daemons came back online alright and was processing rounds.

Someone who followed the handbook without changing anything has automatic updates or manual?

If you followed the handbook you should know the answer :wink:

Hint: look at page 11

The handbook is dubious on some things and this is one of them.
According to your info on page 11:

Optionally, it can be set to automatically update

This leads into assuming that it’s not set to update automatically by default. It has that option but it’s an option.
Only on page 13 reading the command line options regarding the WrapperScript you see the flag -d to disable updates and that it’s disabled by default, meaning auto-updates are enabled. So after all they are enable by default.

Page 11:

Deployment Schedule

While BetaNet is a functioning network, it is still in development and requires consistent updates. If the Wrapper Script is being used in its default configuration, then Node and Gateway will automatically update.

Even the page numbers are misleading :sweat_smile:
Page 11 of the handbook and 11 of the PDF file are different.

Anyway, information is scattered and not entirely coherent since it states it’s optional and then states it’s automatic. I’m glad it’s automatic by default.