NAT / Port forwarding / DMZ / Exposed host / Virtual server ^^

Hola Guys ;=)

I hope we will solve the problem with port forwarding for home users!?

May be you will post some infos here for BetaNode users. What’s going on in development in this direction? =)


in germany, for example, it´s very important nearly
almost every betanet home node

Seems to be answered in here (and other comments, including the one above it)

thats why we need a solution without port forwarding

If anyone from the EU would like to share their creative experience/solution to the question “Fast upload over 100 Mbps with port forwarding - how did I solve this problem at home” and what is the price of the solution - it would be very useful at this moment for all beginners!

Who’s first!?)

dream machine / could be a solution?

i think it would increase round error rate to 10-20%

plz share your exp. who use it

Just buy it and make it work

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port forwarding is the base part of decentralization if you need a central server for bypass port forwarding it’s just useless and this project can be shutdown.

So change your ISP who allow port forwarding use datacenter allowing dedicating turing GPU or you just can’t participate.