My UX improvement

Notice: these things works and look great (i just need a dark mode, there is a lot of white sometimes :wink: ), and these are just some suggestion by my side, maybe you have them already on your roadmap :D. Of course, I understand that real bugs are more important now. Not all of this suggestion are even important and some are very…odds and ends, maybe.

  • It would be nice if you write message to A (do not sent it) leave the chat (maybe to read sth from B) and
    go back to chat A if then the message would be still there in your input

  • add colored profile pictures beside the message in the group chat, or colored names so you can better noticed who wrote what

  • please add some in-app notifications like small numbers if you got a new message or request

  • if i mark a message the chat jumps back to the bottom, that is special annoying if i want to mark multiple messages at the top. Per se i thing it is a bit rapid if you mark a message (maybe add a small animation) sometimes my eyes dont know what happens and i feel confused ( it is going a bit better if i play more with it)

  • I think you have to swip a lot to the right to mark a message, specially with my left hand it is difficultly

  • I first did not check that you can mark a message with a right swip and then can mark a different message with another right swip. Also add here maybe an animation, so you notice if you mark by mistake another message, or maybe the text of the message you mark is just to small in the marked area

big box, small area for the text, specially on the whole display

  • from my view this reply messagebox needs a lot of space

  • add profil picture to groups

Maybe other people can add their suggestions below this post too.

Have a nice day :smiley: