Move “Request for Authenticated Channel” to Contacts section

Now the requests are part of the Chat section of the app.

I consider these as an approval request to another user to be added to your contacts (“Add Contact”), which in my opinion are better positioned in the Contacts section.

Then we can add an attribute (Active – Pending) to the contact to show status of that contact. Currently the Contacts list does not display any information on the status of a contact.

The Chat section will be more concise, just displaying the actual messages between users.

Another minor detail:
When choosing “Contacts” in the main menu, then the top header is named “Private Channels”. I think that “Contacts” is more clear, from a user perspective.


This also puzzled me… could make sense though, if there will be “public” channels available in future?

Yes, that could well be the case.

Although I am not even sure what a public channel channel in a messenger app exactly is: Chat with multiple contacts (group chat) or a discord like channel where can you can subscribe to (public broadcast)…I think the latter probably is a new app by itself.

or something like clubhouse… yeah, not obvious if that should be part of a messenger app in the first place, but hey, why not disrupt the whole messaging concept whatsoever? :slight_smile: