Monitor your node online status

The xx network dashboard
To see the online status of your node you can visit the dashboard:

If you know your node ID you can just enter it in the upper right corner.

Or you can find your node ID using either:

  1. Scroll down to “Nodes” and locate your node, for example using the location.
  2. SSH into your node and run cat /opt/xxnetwork/node-logs/nodeIDF.json.

Using your node ID you can visit the page on the dashboard for your node. For example:

There you can see your node is “online”.

Uptime Robot
We can now use this information to create a monitor on Uptime Robot:

Just register and create a new keyword based monitor. Enter the URL for your node. Use “online” as a keyword (lower case and without the quotes). And choose “Alert when keyword not exists”, meaning not “online”.

You can also get alerts by email or SMS (paid option) to get alerted on status changes.

The monitor will look something like this:

Now you will be alerted if the dashboard shows the node as not online.

Please note that if the dashboard itself will go offline, your node is also considered to be offline. This is because the monitor cannot reach the dashboard page for your node and it uses this information to determine your node’s online status. Your node could still be online, so please also check the node page on the dashboard.

Bonus: Gateway and node status
You can create an additional monitor to check if your gateway is reachable through the Internet for the xx network.

Gateway external IP
We need the external IP address of the gateway:

  1. If it runs on you local network just visit: and it will show the IP address.
  2. SSH into your gateway and run: curl

Uptime Robot
Create a new monitor type “Port”. Use the gateway IP for the “IP” field. Select “Custom Port” and enter the default gateway port number: 22840. If you changed this, you need to enter that port number. Then choose if you want to get notified or not.

The monitor will look something like this:

Now you will be alerted if the gateway is not reachable through the Internet.

This just means the gateway is reachable. It does not say anything about its status or the node.

Node status
You can repeat the instructions for the Gateway to create a new monitor for the node using the default node port number: 11420.

Status page
You can even create a public status page for all 3 monitors to check the status of your node on the network and if the gateway and node are reachable through the Internet all at once.


Very nice, i missed a way to get email when the node goes offline or error

Is it possible to configure TeamViewer under Linux to send push notifications to the owner account via android/ios app? I mean ping, system condition and other useful info about node/gateway?

I have no experience with TeamViewer and sending notifications. There are a lot of monitoring systems out there.

You can define VIP contacts on iOS to get push notifications when you receive new emails coming from this contact.

I also use Nagios to monitor other servers in combination with Pushover. But it is a bit more complicated to set up.

Send an email it’s probably the best way

Can I edit my node ID by changing the name of if on that file or do I have to do something elsewhere?

No need to edit any file. You can look up your Node on the dashboard and get the ID (and complete URL) from there.

Or you can look it up in the file. Whichever you prefer. They are the same.

But with only the ID you need to create the URL like: ID here)

For example with my ID (qX3PGmgbVI9F1y0UP3z2w3rVldiw17EsjcIq4h_iluIC):

Good luck!

i know I don’t have to edit, I want to edit the ID and can’t find the post on the forum that tells you how

@jota You can’t change the NodeID but you can change the name, etc.


will it change the link to the node Dashboard?

No the link contains the node ID which is unique and fixed.


Keyword based monitor is not properly working. It failed me twice during my node going offline. I just realized that this failure could be due to an update on the data displayed on the ''Dashboard Monitor" page.

As the dashboard page now displays your uptime under node metrics, the term ‘online’ is getting picked up from there and is preventing the UptimeRobot to work correctly. I have now setup the port monitoring for node and gateway, hoping those would work well.

So last night, when the update was pushed, UptimeRobot worked well and this is good to know. An email notification was also triggered during the outage.

As I can’t seem to edit my original post I’ll update it with a reply.

The dashboard option works, but you need to edit the keyword since it will show “Online status” which also contains the word “Online”.

It is therefore better to use the API: + Your Node ID

For instance:

Then you can search for "status":"online", (notice there is no spaces) to check for the online status of your node.

This way you will get a notification when your node status is no longer “online”. :+1:

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