May 2021 Compensation

May was quite a month for the xx network and node operators. We gathered a great deal of information about the network and to do that it meant enabling and disabling nodes. We appreciate your understanding this was necessary.

We pushed multiple updates that have improved the protocol and some nodes suffered some not so graceful recoveries after updates were pushed. Thank you all for being so attentive to your node’s status.

We kept you on your toes all month long. Much like when gateways were required to add databases, you have proven once again to be an amazing group and your commitment to the project is undeniable!

But it was worth it. We will be pushing out more updates over the next few weeks which could net up to a 50% decrease in latency.

We felt it appropriate to adjust the Uptime Requirements for May to make sure we rewarded all of you who were able to keep up the pace. The requirements we settled on were 70% Uptime and 87% Success Rate.

In all, we made sure that 446 operators will either receive tokens in June or be offered a grace period, meaning if they meet the June Uptime Requirements, we will reward them with coins for May and June in July.

Coins will be going out soon.

I cannot say this enough, thanks for running a node!


You are a great support Keith :+1:

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Same thanks to you and the rest of the team Keith! Rock on!

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Thank you for you amazing work Keith and to the team in genera!

Thank For Your suport

Thank you

Tnx for all the help and guidance.

All my values of node are better now. Thanks for your effort @Keith

Great news thank you;)

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Nice to see such improvements. Great work!

Great news, tnx for support

Great Keith.