Lower outbound traffic in recent days

I noticed that since around the time slow nodes got offlined, outbound traffic is more evenly distributed and has lower peaks.

Some node operators would consider the recent pattern of networking utilization an improvement.

Is that something devs expect to remain the case, or a temporary situation?

If all nodes were down you would see even lower traffic, but that’s not the goal of the network. Everyone hopes this situation will be fixed ASAP.

That’s a humorous comment, but now my node was processing the same number of transactions so I didn’t think the change had to do with the recent difficulties experienced by other nodes.

Now that mTPS are back to 1,000/s I still see the same (better) behavior. Whereas before my node sent data in bursts that used more than 10 MB/s, since last weekend it utilizes network more evenly and doesn’t burst over 7 MB/s.

I don’t know why it’s different, but it’s better as far as I am concerned. With no loss in mTPS, it could be better for the network as well.