Is the permissioning server being worked on?

Connecting to Attempt number …

In the dashboard there is status Error

Yes, the issue has been resolved.

If your node is NOT running the wrapper script, you may experience round failures until your gateway is restarted.

When sending out network updates, a sequential “update id” is used to determine if a node or gateway is up to date. The tracker for this was corrupted when the permssioning disk was full and it got set too high, as a result the handling code, which is not expecting an update ID in the trillions, took a lock and was counting all the way up to a trillion, which took a while. we reset the count back to the appropriate value. This locked the permissioning server from operating until that was complete.

When we set it back to the correct value, it requires a reset so nodes and gateways begin the count again. If you node or gateway is not using the wrapper script, it could not reset and get stuck.

If you are not running the wrapper script please restart your node and gateway. If you are, there should be no action necessary.

Thanks for the explanation. I was on it when it was happening, so time to update the systems, restart both node and gateway and everything was up and running again with working systems, no official downtime recorded!