How To Change Dashboard Info

Recently, new nodes that joined the xx network BetaNet were inadvertently named “0”. This is because during the application process the applicant didn’t specify a node name, which is perfectly fine. However, it should have resulted in an empty space where the node name is displayed, not “0”. We’ll be fixing this.

But in the meantime, if you want to change the information on the dashboard after the node has registered, I thought I’d make a post showing what information one can change and how to request changes to the information that is displayed on the dashboard.

Visit the Dashboard Information Form and enter the email address you registered with and your application ID.


  • You do not need to fill out the entire form to change one field.
  • The information you provide is optional.
  • If a field is left blank, no changes will be made.
  • If you would like to remove existing information, please enter “REMOVE”
  • The information is public and is displayed on a node’s xx network Dashboard page.


Node Name: The name of your node. Keep it short and unique. This is searchable and makes identifying your node easier than the nodeID.
Ex. NodeLab, SuperNode, REMOVE

Location: This is the general location of the node.
Ex. USA, Texas, Dallas

Geographic Bin: This cannot be removed. We determined the geo-bin by IP. Sometimes geo-location data is incorrect. If the node is located in the wrong area or if you moved your node since registering, you can select one of the following areas:
Americas, WesternEurope, CentralEurope, EasternEurope, MiddleEast, Africa, Russia, or Asia.

Short Description: An optional message about the node or yourself.
Ex. I’m Keith. This project is almost as awesome as Lego!, REMOVE


I will point out once more, this information is public. If you would like to remove any existing information, please enter “REMOVE”

Ex. [email protected], REMOVE

Ex. node12345, REMOVE

Discord: Be sure to include the ID # along with the name.
Ex. Keith aka LordVetinari#9085, REMOVE

Ex. node12345, REMOVE

Ex. node12345, REMOVE

Forum: Your xx network forum ID. You are here!
Ex. node12345, REMOVE

Other: If you use other platforms, please name the platform and the ID or the URL to the profile.
Ex. myspace ID: rickastly,, REMOVE

Last note, changes are done manually so it might take 24-48 hours before the dashboard is updated.

Thanks for running a node!