Hello everyone, I want to be a participant in running a node.Need help

Hi everybody.
I am very happy and excited to be part of this visionary community. I want to buy some hardware to be able to participate in the network nodes.I would very much appreciate, if anybody Here, can help me to spend the 1300 euros I want to allocate in to building a compatible computer for the proposed Task. need e advice on which pieces I should acquire. motherboard, processor,memories, the models names and prices

I thank you very much in advance.

Start here, pages 3-4. https://xx.network/beta-node-handbook-v1.5.pdf

There are examples and suggestions. Use something like https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ or https://buildmypc.net/list/ to find components that are compatible and within your budget. Post the list here and I’m certain others will be happy to make suggestions on your choices.

You found hardware ?
Sorry missed your post.

Good Idea

With the current shortage of videocards and high prices, it will be quite difficult (