Gateway and/or Node via NAS

I haven’t dove too deep into the tech requirements yet. That being said, I was to know if it’s feasible to run a gateway or node from a comparable NAS?

Given the right a mount of specs (which the basic requirements for the gateway are well below mid to entery level NAS specs) and even adding a GPU in one of the slots, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be a good option.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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My biggest concern would be security. Services such as SAMBA, FTP, or any other file sharing services on a node all sound like a disaster waiting to happen.

Thank you for the literature.

Most if not all those services are easily disabled and far more secure than say cloud servers(irrelevant). None the less, just curious. Looking forward to the light reading.

*** after skimming. Seems a NAS would be fine for a gateway. However, yes, a dedicated server for the node(s)(especially long term) is optimal.