Final Selection for Orange Group!

The final selection of the Orange Group BetaNet node operators can be found here.

As in our previous selections, applications remained open to a second period of public comment. This is a critical step in our process as it encourages the community to provide invaluable feedback while allowing us to ask for clarification on incomplete applications we found had potential, but were not included in the initial list.

Applicants were able to provide more detailed answers to their applications and upon additional consideration, we made the decision to accept 3 more nodes into the final list. Additionally, we have had to remove a node as they have indicated that although they have tried, they cannot meet the speed requirements.

You can read details about how the initial decision was made here which carries over to the final decision.

As always we want to thank everyone who commented and helped us with this process!

We are also happy to announce that the final Orange Group selection consists of 78 nodes in 24 countries around the world, distributed in 7 geographic bins: Americas, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Russia, and Asia.

For those of you who did not make it, or for those who want to participate and join our BetaNet, we want to remind you that applications are still open!

Thank you,
xx node team.


What a honour to be a part off this.
Thanks for the trust.
Today I will order the hardware

Mvg happy noderunner


Congrats to everyone selected. Good luck with your node building/procuring. If you need help there are always people available on here or the Discord channel that can and are willing to help. Just ask :+1:

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Great to be a part of the Orange Group and to become part of the xx network! Thanks!


Everybody selected: Congratulations with your oppertunity to be part of this revolutionary network!:tada::tada::trophy:


Orange here too… Seems to be a nice community… More I learn about the project the more I like it. Usually it is the other way around :-p .


Let’s keep this nodes running guys!

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so you will select only 3 nodes from this list?

Super excited to hopefully be selected as a node in Canada. Dedicated system purchased. 3x Redundant internet transport in place, Backup power in place. Domain registration complete for

Please consider the Maitland, Ontario, Canada node. I’m ready to rock

we need at least one people on the Middle East

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Very happy to be on the initial selection list and ready to launch the node

Great! Im am very excited to be part of the initial selection. Proud to be part of this proyect. Hugs to everyone!