Disabling Poorly Performing Nodes for Testing

We will be temporarily disabling Nodes with high round failure rates, found in the table below. Disabled Nodes will continue to receive normal compensation (if eligible).

Currently, the xx network has a reduced performance due, in part, to a group of Nodes who have an above average failure rate. Over the next few weeks, we will be performing tests to assess how Nodes with high failure rates affect the network performance and to isolate issues and provide fixes. During testing, Nodes will likely be enabled and disabled multiple times to assess effects on the network. As testing progresses, we will reach out to Node Operators on this list to help them resolve issues.

Below is a list of Node IDs that will be disabled and their failure rate over the last five days.

Node ID Failure Average
5PL1LZvlkqOyVFv1Ly4qSSGjoBV545s1Ucf/Z0cxa+IC 69.54%
yE9WSjaE7y4iQFxnT4u4b3MlOKamvv244TM1VCYypAoC 37.37%
PABesxXCVwm3lkD9bBBVxBcl2BOIU8ETR3F8/ndAlcgC 28.44%
vdhSfJ7490fQqZZUgOvAWryq1DnVlJrlrTY9IkBBJrAC 25.63%
yBn+tsn1MD3TLM8nAm1Zkiv6GtfY+In8WDUdMD2VtgIC 24.30%
aUrBY+vOWRiy+1dlIF4qe1mXd2Pm7KxpwVfKhrYOOucC 22.55%
l3odvw1OuQrYVQ/URaBPMbkhM77YQuXkq4Yh99uC+iMC 19.67%

Additional support can be found in the Node Handbook or by reaching out to [email protected].


  1. Q: If my Node appears on the disabled Nodes list, do I need to do anything?

    A: If your Node appears on the list above, you are not required to take any action at this time. However, we may reach out to you with solutions or configuration changes over the next few weeks to help resolve your issue.

  2. Q: How will my compensation be affected if my Node is disabled.

    A: Disabled Nodes are considered online for the purpose of compensation. You will see no change in your compensation than as if your Node was fully functioning.

  3. Q: How long will my Node be disabled for?

    A: Our testing may take a few weeks and during this time, your Node will be disabled but may be enabled to do some testing from time to time. Once we have supplied fixes for the high failure rates and your Node is performing better in tests, it will be removed from the list.