Disabled Nodes - Oct. 3-5

This weekend we are going to be disabling 8 nodes until Monday October 5. We’re doing a short test and will observe the network after disabling nodes that have a below average PreComp and Real Time but above average Round Failure Rate.

Two nodes will be disabled while they work out some configuration issues so they are disabled but not participating.


The following six nodes will be disabled and part of the test.

Node ID PreComp RealTime Failure Rate
Global Averages 5.346 1.531 1.21%
e+Ubfff1eBfHVy4NxaU2vQQ2D6dnndomdrYF7ywOZIoC 4.585183304 1.222475133 3.68%
DnZH2UI7oeR7/jYNOR3JMLVsq2flP7UROzioHA4QFOAC 4.412625978 1.314976955 1.73%
vj+z74EX070KbLWlozZ6zZgjKGcZXiaRCruUMJkp8oEC 4.288613198 1.429557692 1.52%
tPIDqd7mbjy46NaYr7P+SivZdN3is96xfEQpSClRMLoC 4.642031824 1.371444673 1.37%
l3odvw1OuQrYVQ/URaBPMbkhM77YQuXkq4Yh99uC+iMC 5.044372027 1.449558317 1.36%
v2sDDbTFSaKaIqTWq4Wb0wG041V35N+PYIDQ/oGUsl9kC 4.06417775 1.326437293 1.28%


  1. Q: If my Node appears on the disabled Nodes list, do I need to do anything?
    A: If your Node appears on the list above, you are not required to take any action at this time.

  2. Q: How will my compensation be affected if my Node is disabled?
    A: Disabled Nodes’ status will appear in the ERROR state on the dashboard but are considered ONLINE for the purpose of compensation. You will see no change in your compensation as long as the node remains ERROR since your Node is fully functioning.

  3. Q: How long will my Node be disabled for?
    A: All nodes that participated in the test will be enabled by October 5th at 10:00am PST.

Have a great weekend!