Connection Request Does not showed in menu

Platform: iOS Platform: Android
OS Version: 15.1 OS Version: 8.0
Network type: WiFi Network type: WiFi
Issue type: Crash Issue type: Crash
App version: 1.0.1 App version: 1.0
Build number: 3271 Build number: 445
SDK version: 4.0.0 SDK version: 4.0.0
(my side) (friend side)

When I sent a request to my friend, my friend can not see the request from his menu and also there was no notification at all. Then, he sent me to a request, expectedly, also I can not see the request from him. Both of accounts, the requests are seein in “pending” condition in our menu’s. So, we can not communicate each other. I added my friends info’s.

Thanks for this report. You should have a resend option in the latest builds. Please let me know if it works or not.