Change contact name

I don’t think it should be possible to change and save the updated user name of a contact.
I changed contact “Benger” to “bengbeng”.
Did I only change it in my local settings?

Yes we’d want that.

It looks like that feature isn’t finished yet - we also can’t change own name or picture.

I wonder where these “overrides” (pic and name) will be kept. Hopefully locally on the phone.

Yes, it is only local. It is possible because if you have two contacts who created their profile with the name “Bob” you are able to change them locally so you can distinguish Bob J. from Bob R.

You’re right, that makes sense.

Correct that that feature isn’t finished yet. Contact + user profile rn have all features related to User Discovery disabled (add user by search + set up public profile) so it’s a bit rough around the edges. Once we’ve switched over to testing on BetaNet and the core feature tests have succeeded, we’ll add those back in. But it is local–each user is entirely in control of their own public profile.