Cannot get past select name

Platform: (iOS / Android) Android
OS Version: 8.1.0
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G / 3G / VPN) 4G
Issue type: (Crash/Bug)Crash
App version: (Visible In App Side menu)not avialable
Build number: (Visible In App Side menu)not available
SDK version: (Visible In App Side menu)not available

Describe the Crash or Bug:as per emails: the app opens, generates the crypto key, kopens to select name and freezes. cannot take secrrenshot, nothing

Maybe try to kill app and then clear app cache (go to Android Settings, apps, xxm, storage, and there should be an option to “clear cache”).

That should leave you with same User ID and maybe on restart it’ll recover. Usually WiFi works better than mobile, so maybe try to disable Mobile Data until you get it to work.

“Clear data” clears data, resets User ID and makes it unrecoverable until an update that will enable identity backup, so don’t clear data unless you want to start from scratch and without access to current User ID.

Good evening
I never got past the install, activate to generate crypto key, the page comes up select user name and the app freezes.
I was sent a “submit bug report link” and while using that link I selected my user name oldman.
I just freshly installed the app, cleared the cash, and opened the app. It still freezes at the select name page.
I just tried to install and open on wi fi. same problem. at the choose your user name the page is frozen.

Do I need to buy a new phone?

Android 8 is pretty old so it could be a device/OS version issue.
I have a device with Android 9 and the app works on it so maybe it’s something with that.
But you’ll have to wait for a member of the development team to reach out to you.