Can not activate notifications

Platform: ( Android)
OS Version: 12.0
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G / 3G / VPN)
Issue type: (Bug)
App version: (2.2 and 2.4)
Build number: (570)
SDK version: (4.1.0)

Describe the Crash or Bug:

I am not able to active Notifications in general settings. So i dont get notifications :(.
When i press the slider I just get a “Error, Unexpected error” pop up.
Futhermore the infobutton beside notifications does not work for me.
Btw, the xxmessager is allowed to give notifications by system(smartphone) settings.

This bug appears since version 1.
I installed the xxMessenger by the .apk.


I have same problem. How to activate notifications on phones without google?

Hehet, hello! Unfortunately, due to restrictions with our Firebase API keys, only our Play Store release has notifications support.

Andis, hello! Because we use Firebase Cloud Messaging for notifications delivery on Android, your device must have Google Play Services installed to receive notifications.

Thanks for your answer. Do you plan integrate non firebase api? Like signal and threema. They added support for non google apps. Regards

Not sure, I’ll pass that question on to the backend team, and reply here with an answer

Any news on it? Even apple planning integrate web push