Bulk error reporting

Platform: (Android)
OS Version: 12.0
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G / 3G / VPN)
Problem type: (Error)
App Version: (2.4)
Build number: (572)
SDK Version: (4.1.0)

Identify Crash or Error:

Hello XX Team;

I wanted to encourage the large Turkish community to actively use XX Messenger in Telegram, to examine the errors in the application and inform you. We added more than 20 people by adding requests at the same time with the username, but during the adding process, half of the pending requests were added to my list (Approved). The remaining half does not appear on my list. (Confirmed). The same problem continues for me and the person who added it. We can’t re-add each other, we can’t communicate. We scanned the profile with the QR Code for testing purposes, but the profile appears, there is no tab to communicate.

Some of the pending bulk additions (Request > Received) took 2 days to be approved.

We formed 2 different groups of 10 people consisting of the same people. It cannot be added again after leaving the group.

I will present the various reports we encountered under the same heading.

Thanks XX Team.

Hi Firat,

First of all, we like to thank you for your feedback but especially your work what you are doing for the Turkish community! :handshake:

The backend from the xxm team will have a look at your findings but could you provide some logs as well please?

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I’m sure it will be useful, I forgot to add. As of June 14, there are requests that did not receive verification confirmation, the problem is not only with me, I have received many Turkish notifications about it. thanks for your hard work

Can’t open the logs. Could you try again please?

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Update: I encountered a new error today.

The message he replied to was not deleted." This is the first time I encountered this error.

Note: The daily log you requested has been sent to the team with its file size. ( robbie , well ) Also thanks for your interest.