Bug - Can't connect to xx network / No internet connection

Platform: Android
OS Version: 10
Network type: WiFi / 4G
Issue type: Bug
App version: 1.0
Build number: 445
xxdk version: 4.0.0
git version: 1144194c

Describe the Crash or Bug:
Switched on network connection in the morning both connections WiFi and 4G on the phone. The phone picked WiFi as default connection. Was unable to send any message and after some time Received notification in xx messenger “Can’t connect to xx network / No internet connection” on WiFi connection. After this I have switched to 4G connection. There were no notifications in xx messenger app that something bad with connecting to xx network but still was unable to send any message. After I switched again to WiFi and turned off completely 4G and only then I was able to connect back to xx network and to send message. And still the only way I am able to send the message is through WiFi when WiFi is the single network connection activated on the phone. When both connections activated Wifi And 4G or single 4G activated no messages can be sent.

Thanks for your report. This should be fixed in the latest build but if you see it again please let me know.

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The problem still persists. I was waiting for the version at least 2.0.0 to report if it is is finally fixed. I have noticed even one more side effect. The app does not start at all if the only 4G connection active and no other connections present. Event after fresh phone restart I was unable to start the app if only 4G connection was active. Each time I was receiving Error Unexpected error. Please try again. Pressing Ok did nothing. The app was halted. Needed to disable 4G and then enable Wi-Fi in order to start the xx messenger. Only when Wi-Fi is active only then I was able to get into the halted app and only then I am able to press Ok. After this app unfreezes and functions normally.

Platform: Android
OS Version: 10
Network type: WiFi / 4G
Issue type: Bug
App version: 2.04
Build number: 530
xxdk version: 4.1.0
git version: N/A

No issues making same tests on Telegram or Gmail app chats on this phone.

This is useful info, i’ll forward to the team to see if they can figure out what’s happening.

@Darius what is the name of your phone provider? We’re curious if they may be blocking the connections.

I highly doubt ISP or phone manufacture is the problem. Phone is rooted OnePlus 5.
ISP for 4G connection is Tele2 .
Same ISP Tele2 is for Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is 4G modem with another SIM card.
If same ISP not blocking through another SIM card on Wi-Fi modem should not block and 4G connection that presents on the phone.
Seems something wrong with android connection handlers.

Thanks for getting back – this is extremely helpful for narrowing it down. There are a few ISPs that block ports so we were curious if that was the issue, but if you’re using the same ISP for the Wifi connection that rules out port blocking.