BetaNet OS Upgrade Procedure

BetaNet OS Upgrade Procedure
We recommend the following procedure to upgrade the OS if you operate a BetaNet node.

If the node and gateway are on the same computer:

  1. Stop the node and gateway services
    $ sudo systemctl stop xxnetwork-node.service xxnetwork-gateway.service

  2. Perform the upgrade
    $ sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

  3. Reboot the computer
    $ sudo shutdown -r now

If the node and gateway are on different computers:

  1. On the node computer, stop the node service
    $ sudo systemctl stop xxnetwork-node.service

  2. On the gateway computer, stop the gateway service
    $ sudo systemctl stop xxnetwork-gateway.service

  3. Perform an upgrade on both computers
    $ sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

  4. Reboot both computers
    $ sudo shutdown -r now

No further actions should be required. In 3-5 minutes of rebooting the computer, if the node is OFFLINE on the CanaryNet dashboard, you should check the node.log and/or gateway.log for insight as to why it is not ONLINE.