Anyone familiar with Unifi network config?


In the last two days I’m going up and down (more down) with my set up (node on prem, gateway AWS Lightsail) and it seems the major culprit is the unifi network in the middle. Has anyone got a clue why no matter what settings I change on the unifi console (port forwarding, disabled all security features, firewall, etc), services like or the gateway (most importantly) cannot see/keep the connection alive?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe it’s your ISP.

You could set and run another service on the same port (seed Ubuntu ISOs, for example) and see if it holds up.

Can you be specific. Do you mean the node process is restarting or you are losing connectivity? What is your node ID?

Will check with the ISP on Monday, thanks for the suggestion, did not immediately think of a good way to try out another service except for those port checkers online…

Sorry, late Friday post… It is about connectivity - will check with ISP tomorrow, almost looks like I’m blocked as soon as communication between gateway and node attempts to happen. In the nodes dashboard I see “1” for a moment right after restarting both (but guess this is the last place to look for info now :slight_smile: ). Looked at the logs: I only see the gateway attempting to connect and failing doe to timeout, and the node waiting for communication from gateway.

You might try iperf3

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ISP it was, not dropping connection any more, yay! Thanks guys for the support :slight_smile:

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