A couple bugs

  1. Beta leftovers? I don’t recall if I still had the beta installed, I don’t believe I did. When I got into the new app, it had an error on startup I don’t recall, but I just restarted it. It found my old profile, and asked for a password which I did not recall. The button to reset the password would not work. I cleared the cache but then the app had a message about uninstalling the beta. Sorry, I didn’t take screenshots. I fully installed the app and reinstalled, and it worked well.
  2. Email verification is from “admin”
  3. Samsung S20FE has a weird graphic issue in the attached screenshot - the bottom looks a little wack.

Can you specify a few more details please?
Platform: Android
OS Version:
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G / 3G)
Issue type: (Crash/Bug)
App version: (Visible In App Side menu)
Build number: (Visible In App Side menu)
SDK version: (Visible In App Side menu)

Platform: Android
OS Version: 12
Network type: WiFi
Issue type: Bug
App version: 1.0
Build number: 445
SDK version: 4.0.0

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