24 hour Extension to Latency Test and Hotfix

The 24 hour latency test has been quite successful, bringing network latency down to roughly 1.5s.

Alex Dupre found that the 1 Hz gateway polling frequency is contributing to this latency, so we will be pushing out a hotfix today at 1:00PM PST 9/24/2020 to move the frequency to 10Hz and should bring the latency to close to 1 second.

This hotfix is not breaking and not a mandatory upgrade.

Once we benchmark the 1 second latency, we will return the network to normal before making our next testing steps where we try to determine the source of latency for various nodes.

You can find the hotfix here: https://gitlab.com/elixxir/gateway/-/merge_requests/171/diffs

And you can find the previous post about latency testing here:


Great work! Running at almost 5k/s and only 1.5s latency. And we’re just getting started! :muscle:

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Will nodes be remote update’d by you or should we just apply it? If some one else has this question, the test is done through auto update