1K messages per second

There’s only a day worth of TPS (messages per second, at this time) in the chart so I can’t say whether it was or wasn’t better last week, but at least compared to yesterday the number of nodes is the same but we get a little bit more TPS than yesterday, and just over 1,000. Very cool!



Each round has currently 1000 messages, but failed rounds don’t concur in TPS. Rounds frequency is proportional to the number of nodes.

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I saw 75 nodes both yesterday and today.

I of course don’t have access to detailed telemetry data so I didn’t want to speculate, but my thinking was the slight increase could have happened simply to someone out there getting a bit better uptime in the past 24 hours.

Very nice, but why is the goal of the network only 10K TPS?

Casual search shows Visa peaks at 4K. Crypto is a decade if not longer from that level of demand.
I see no need for more than 1K for the first few years.

Do you know how many TPS are all coins listed on coinmarketcap.com doing? Is it more than 100 TPS?

Guys, how many transactions can theoretically be processed by the network per second now? because there are competitors
in this comparison that use sharding for this

Can you tell us

  • how many transactions these competitors have
  • use cases you envision for 1 trillion transactions per day
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Hi, you can always view the live stats on how many messages per second are transfered and the total bandwidth in Terabits


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I would agree if we were only talking about financial transactions, then 10k will likely be enough when compared to the Visa metrics, although at peaks Visa can process up to 20k transactions afaik.

But the aim of the xx network goes beyond financial transactions, as it wants to achieve nothing less than reinventing the web.

We shouldn’t look at how many TPS other projects can achieve, as the aim of the xx-network is higher than most.

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I don’t think anyone would be against the ability to do more TPS rather than less.

TPS isn’t on my list of Top 10 concerns, considering that we’re years away from maxing out what is likely to be possible on day 1 (when mainnet goes live).

Are there any indications that 10x nodes couldn’t process ten times as many transactions?

Edit: demo with 1,000 nodes and 4,000 TPS:

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What about a global pandemic that would directly or indirectly cause the loss of a majority of the network?

Being able to maintain the majority of communications on limited node resources might be beneficial.

But I’m sure with our current climate that seems too far fetched.

Another reason could be for security. Allowing for more transaction could limit risk against “brute force or ddos”(I use those terms loosely) “style” attacks that could potentially break anonymity. Again this was developed to hold up against quantum processing data/code breaking.